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Fluctuating GFR after transplant

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No med changes, stress, or illness. Lead dr on his transplant team retired so we've been working with his local nephrologist who can't explain the drop/fluctuations and just says the biopsy sample looked good, but dodged my direct question as to whether he'd seen this dynamic before and how those scenarios played out, which leads me to suspect that the answer is "not great". I understand that doctors are loathe to talk actual facts and numbers, but it's put us in a position that we don't know what to do. There's a job opportunity that would nearly double my salary, but we'd have to move and then I have no earned vacation saved, no seniority, etc. If the bottom may drop out on him I'm better to stay where I am, if he's stable we're much better off moving, but I can't get a straight answer either way, so I'm stuck scouring the internet trying to find similarly situated people to try to get some idea of what life may look like for us in 2-5 years.

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@ugottabkidneyme Take a look at what @roxylulu22 posted and perhaps this will help your dilemma. If your transplant doctor retired, check with the center to see who has replaced him on your team. It is critical that they monitor his progress and success after transplant.

As for your local doctor not saying too much, it could be because he doesn't have the background knowledge of post-transplant to address your concerns. A good nephrologist will admit that, and will also work hand-in-hand with the transplant team/center to enable a patient to have their best recovery/ongoing health.

Can you consider this and reach out? When my husband had his transplant in Oct 2016, he was closely followed. In 2021 he had to relocate his follow-up care because he moved to our retirement property 1000 miles away from the transplant center. It's possible to do this!