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Parkinson’s and chemotherapy

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Well, I have him home and after a million dollar work up and no real answers to why he fell or why he is so confused. CT, MRI, and EEG of his head are all normal. His sodium was 128-130 so not real low. No urinary infection. So at this point they are just going to monitor him with clinic visits and he will continue taking his Parkinson’s meds and other meds as usual and if sodium levels aren’t able to maintain themselves while lowering dosage they feel he needs to see a urologist to check out the kidneys. My main concern is how the platelets are dropping and liver enzymes creeping up. They are going to do another who’s who test tues at our clinic appointment and then we see our neurologist Tues afternoon to reevaluate his night medications that might be lowering his B/P and causing him to perhaps fall at night. A lot of ifs.

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I agree with you, @jrwilli1, there are a lot of "ifs." I have found that as I age, and have multiple health issues and take multiple medications, it can be really hard to sort out what might be causing what.

I'm glad that you have a good medical team working on your husband's problem. It will obviously take some time to unravel these issues, but hopefully he will not have any more falls. Is he doing any physical therapy to deal with balance and falls?