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Does anyone feel old and useless with age?

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I’m 64 too and just the past few years starting to have some more pronounced medical problems that have made me have to change my diet more seriously. I used to have a childhood girlfriend out of state but we don’t talk anymore. I talk with my younger brother out of state twice a month and I feel like he always gets an earful from me. My husband is 76 and he has worse health problems so we are both learning about all these medical problems together. I never really ate that bad to begin with. He has always ate twice what I eat. He has said he needed the energy to work hard. He since has developed Diabetes2. Our 2 kids and a son in law are living with us. I like them being nearby (they live in another part of our house) but we all don’t get along at times. They keep busy working for the most part and sometimes take a vacation doing touristy stuff. Only 1 of them has a drivers license. We still jockey around the others. It keeps us busy but it worries me that 2 of them aren’t more self sufficient. I developed a neoplasm cancer on my thigh after a dog bite that happened over 10 years ago. Now I have another one growing on my face and I am having a hard time getting proper help to get it removed. The medical staff aren’t always clear with me and I have been finding some of them difficult to even get ahold of when necessary. A fairly local Dermatologist sent me to see an Oculoplastic Surgeon for this recent medical issue, 2-3 hrs away and with us being in our 60’s-70’s we are just finding it quite difficult to have to travel that far away for medical care of this type. I have been trying to move us back nearby to my younger brother who I feel gives me moral support and where I grew up at and where there is more variety of health care available but the cost of another house there with the interest rates as high as they are lately and the cost of real estate taxes there we are finding we would have to settle for a cheaper home then what we even have now and we could only be in a shorter driving distance to my brother then where we are now (he lives in a town with a population of about 201,000 as opposed to us at an under 2,000 population.). So many negatives and not enough positives has me feeling pretty depressed.

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I am a lot the same , 5 bedroom house and my 2 sons liv e with me, neither drive or are self sufficent. So it's all on me. My sister's will not talk to me haven't since our m o m passed 5 yrs ago. I love I'm a small hamlet , also at least an he to appointments, no ammenidties in the area. And failing health, yes I can see you being down. Prayer is all I have.