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Parkinson’s and chemotherapy

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He was diagnosed 7 yrs ago and this is a question now about there usage. We just went up on a medication because the trimmers where getting worse at night but at the same time the primary cancer drs are concerned with some of those meds causing his low sodium. So just as of this morning he fell and we are currently in ER for evaluation. Surprisedly CT shows No dementia or abnormal signs. 🙏 and we talked to neurologist nurse this past Fri so just got an appt for next Tues with their nurse practitioner. So if meds aren’t causing any problems back to oncologist for perhaps chronic graph disease since liver enzymes are creeping up. But as far as the cancer it is supposed to be under control.

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Hi @jrwilli1

I'm sorry to hear of your husband's fall, but it sounds as if you got some good reports regarding your husband's PD problems. The fact that no dementia was found is always good news.

I hope that you get some good information when you meet with the neurologist's NP on Tuesday. That is an interesting problem about the low sodium levels. I'll look forward to hearing from you regarding his treatment for both the PD as well as the cancer.

I wasn't familiar with chronic graph disease, so I found this link that describes it, https://www.verywellhealth.com/chronic-graft-vs-host-disease-5204977
Perhaps, @loribmt, might be more familiar with this that I am.

If convenient, will you post again after your husband's Tuesday appointment?