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Wow that’s a good way to describe it. It does feel like thumping on the inside when I swallow. No my doctor said I first have to have a neck ultrasound on Monday which I think is stupid. She even mentioned a barium swallow test but I didn’t agree. I wonder if I should go to urgent care. Did you go there for this reason or were you also sick? Maybe I should go to urgent care tomorrow to get a referral to see ent doctor. How does that work? Did the ent refer you to an ent that is part of your medical insurance network?
Do you by chance have acid reflux often or Barrett’s Esophagus?

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I went to urgent care because I was sick but also addressed the popping issue. I didn’t know if they were linked or not. She told me if they problem didn’t go away after I got better to go see an ent and I asked if I could call back and get a referral and she said absolutely. I found the ent on my own, made an appt online, and called back and asked if they could send the referral to that place. I actually do get heartburn/acid reflux a good bit. I also have anxiety, I noticed a lot of other people said they have it on this forum as well. I will update tomorrow after my appt! Hoping to have answers!