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Possible UTI using Restatis - can someone check out??? Internet sites vary in info.

/.Hello, sorry may be wrong place to post. I am in Canada and use Latanoprost/Monoprost for high eye pressure for 5 years daily (narrow angle glaucoma) and also variety of dry eye drops during day - currently Refresh Plus. Never was given Restatis or Cequa.

Over the past year several lots of various eye drops have been recalled - usually specific Lot numbers. It worries me as most of us have some side effects from the meds - its almost expected.

Today recall from Health Canada a certain Lot # of
Cequa brand and the name of one ingredient is Cyclosporine which in Canada if I am correct is also an ingredient in Restatis - again only one Lot #.

However, when I checked about Cyclosporine - along with other side effects - it mentioned Urinary Tract Infections. I was surprised as I have frequent UTI's and have to go on antibiotic - how is it that this Cyclosporine can cause this and how many other meds can cause UTI's as side effect I wonder?

Maybe I should put this comment under Urinary Tract Infections of unknown origin??

Now I really don't trust any meds even eye drops.... and they tell us to ignore side effects unless life threatening?? but UTI's? Why would I take an eyedrop containing meds that cause this - am getting confused.

Restasis (Cyclosporine) a USA site says Cequa can cause uti but Restatis can cause blurry vision.... it's such a jigsaw puzzle to sort out as both use cyclosporine but maybe someone can explain?

Thanks in advance, J.

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Restasis does cause blurry vision, but, only for about 10 min. I find all eye drops for inflammation & dry eyes cause that. I hope there will not be a recall on it here. The Ziidra (Sp?) does not work as well for me and burns for about 30 min and causes blurred vision too. I hope you can find an eye drops that works well for you. Restasis has served me well....I pray it continues. Prayers...