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Anyone here dealing with peripheral neuropathy?

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John thanks for your reply. The cause is unknown in my case. But I have constant tingling on legs and arms. Of course it is worse at night when trying to sleep. Sometimes I get a strong pain in my right leg near the knee and one in my thigh. I use a tens machine for the pain but the tingling and numbness doesn’t stop. I also have restless legs and take requip for that along with tramadol. It helps with the rls but no the tingling and numbness.

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@rabbit10, That’s the way my neuropathy started. Fought it for months. My Dr didn’t know what it was or how to treat it. I finally went to a rheumotologist/neurologist at Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale. They not only diagnosed the peripheral neuropathy but that I had vasculitis (Wegeners) that caused it. He put me on different meds to see what helped. Finally I settled on gabapentin, cymbalta, fentanyl, (neuropathy), and cellcept (Wegeners). I’ve been doing much better but can’t skip my meds! 
My wife’s Dr recommended trying a homeopathic method for her RLS first. I found them on Amazon for less than $10 (50 ct), Hyland’s Homeopathic Restless Legs. When she feels it coming on, usually at night, she dissolves 2 tabs under her tongue and within 10-15 min the symptoms sudside. She & her mother suffered their whole lives. We both had our doctors check it out prior to trying the Rx. No side effects, safe and controls RLS now for over 2 yrs!

Hyland’s pills for RLS at Walmart (50ct) costs $6.54. FYI…

I take a cbd brownie at night and helps me sleep . I have neuropathy all over from a neck surgery .

@rabbit10 .. try gabapentin. Get some help. No meds is not good.