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Anyone here dealing with peripheral neuropathy?

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There is actually an official diagnosis now for chemo induced peripheral neuropathy. Is yours from chemo or something else? There are prescription meds that work for some & also have some unpleasant side effects for some. My husband takes Gabapentin and has no problem with it. I tried it, and it did help some, but I was constantly dizzy. It was a major problem if I got up in the middle of the night. It did not improve enough to put up with the side effect.

What kinds of issues are you dealing with? I understand it can be very different from one person to the next. Whatever, it is uncomfortable, can certainly cause us to be unsure on our feet and be very frustrating. I hope you find something that helps. I am 3 years out from taking Taxotere, which is what caused mine. It is better but still a pretty major issue. I have it in both feet and both hands.

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The gabapinton caused dizziness?  I’ve been taking that to help with my hot flashes.  I’ll have to talk to my dr about that.  Good to know.  My neuropathy went away after the chemo treatment ended.

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after  having  kemo I  started  have bad flashes My Dr  tried everything. Then by accident  my pain management  Dr  gave me cymbalta for fibromyalgia   It didn’t  help my fibromyalgia but I noticed it took away my flashes. Maybe  it would  work for you 

Hello Martid, no I don’t have chemo induced peripheral neuropathy. Evidently it is idiopathic, no known cause, My issues are pins and needles in legs and hands and arms, pain in my legs and numbness in my hands. It seems to affect my walking as sometimes I am so unsteady on my feet. At the same time I am dealing with restless legs syndrome which is also painful. I use a TENS machine for the neuropathy and requip for the rls along with tranadol. At night I place a heated pad under my legs and prop them up with a pillow. That seems to help.

Hi. I saw @colleenyoung recommend this group in the autoimmune group. I was originally diagnosed with idiopathic too 4 years ago then 4 months ago they found my autoimmune disease by skin biopsy.
Have you been diagnosed with any other illnesses? I know neuropathy is very painful and frustrating. I’m still looking for answers and treatment form my autoimmune disease so that hopefully I can get this pain under control.
I hope you find some.

Hi yes I have three other diseases that are considered autoimmune. They seem to come after you have one disease.and pretty soon you have more of them.


I have idiopathic neuropathy and need some help. How do you use the TENS? I have one and could use it but don’t know how and where to put it. Neuropathy has started up my legs. Would this help to stop it?
Thank you for any tips you can give me.

Hi @twinky, I use a Zopec DT-1200 which has foot pads that you just place your feet on. I use it for my PN which I only have numbness in my legs and feet. It helps a little with the numbness but doesn’t take it away. Here is a YouTube video that shows the pad placements that might be helpful for your use – https://youtu.be/usVvGIbHjOo – hope this helps.

@gailfaith here……Tens unit use? Any physical therapist can show you how to use it.

Yes, I have! Never tried it on feet since different pain than AS. Feet: burn, freezing, tingling, numb.
I have AS, Sjogren, psoriasis, PN, migraines. Thats all. Feeling overwhelmed…
Work with kids, been off 4 a few weeks. Need 2 figure out how to go back to work, I miss it.