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Diagnosed with Ameloblastoma

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Thanks a lot for sharing… I really appreciate it!
We first knew about it a month ago .. I have zero knowledge about it… This group really help me to understand what Ameloblastoma is all about and also about the jaw resection.

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Hello @city. Ameloblastoma is rare indeed. A tumor which cannot spread to other parts of the body yet can return to the original site is not medically considered a cancer. So the good news is that Chemo is not necessary and would serve no purpose. But it is still a tumor which grows and must be removed to stop it. And what caused it in the first place? I wish someone would figure that one out. In the Head and Neck Cancer group we address Ameloblastoma because the location and surgeries are often related.
There are others here who have gone through Ameloblastoma care including @anbar04 who is not much older than your daughter and I believe should be in surgery recovery currently. Others may chime in soon as well.
Research (on respected sites) as much as possible so you can be the best advocate for care. Don't hesitate to ask the doctors and nurses any and all questions. In the meantime, let's keep the conversation going when you have a chance.