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I had rheumatic fever when I was 12 years old. I am now 72. The pediatrician who treated me for the rheumatic fever said I had a heart murmur. Since then some doctors have said they have heard a murmur. Most have not heard anything. Because of the rheumatic fever and the doctors hearing a murmur, I have had two echocardiograms over the last 20 years. Both times I have been told I had mild mitral valve regurgitation. There were no recommendations of follow-up. I have had not other signs of heart problems. The last echo cardiogram one was probably 10 years ago. Is this something that should be followed up on regularly as I age? If so, how often. I also have Type II diabetes.

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Welcome @jannyw. How often to have a follow-up to monitor a mild mitral valve regurgitation is a good question to ask your doctor. Every case is different, and your age and other conditions will also play a factor in determining the frequency. Do you go for a general annual or bi-annual check-up?

@vdouglas @grandma47 @cynaburst @mikkeleo can you share with Janny how often you go for follow-up appointments to monitor your heart condition?

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