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Welcome to Connect, @grandma47.
I moved your message to this discussion thread so you could meet other members talking about tricuspid valve regurgitation. It sounds like you have questions that would be best answered by a specialist, especially if you have symptoms. In the article from Mayo Clinic, they advise to see your doctor when “you have signs or symptoms of heart failure — such as feeling easily fatigued or short of breath, even with normal activity…”
I’m also bringing @skooter27 @topaz @vdouglas and @cyndiblaw into the discussion as they may have additional thoughts. @mikkeleo how are you doing? Did you see a cardiologist or get a second opinion?

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Thank you for such a quick response. It was most appreciated.
Unfortunately my primary doctor has not gotten back to me, on this matter
and my abnormal TSH and T4 free test; this ha made me uneasy. I took it
upon myself and saw an endocrinologist yesterday, and made adjustments to
my medication and took more blood work to check adrenaline functioning.
I’m wondering if I should take the bull by it horns and see a
cardiologist. I am looking forward to reading others of their experience
with the same issue.
Thanks again,

Have a great day!

Hi @grandma47

The high anxiety of heart related issues can, in my opinion, be the most difficult aspect of dealing with this type of illness. I can understand your concern and I'm sorry you have to deal with this. You are definitely not alone Dealing with these symptoms.
Generally the most important part of a physician presenting a diagnosis is to reassure the patient and address any concerns they may have.
I have also experienced your symptoms. They are extremely frightening. My diagnosis is different than yours. I experience premature ventricular contractions (PVC's), Tachycardia (controlled with beta blockers), takes my breath away, makes me start to faint. Feels like the panic and shock of falling off a cliff. I have dealt with this so long that when it happens now I hold my breath and bear down until normal rhythm resumes. I have convinced myself that it will not take my life. Beta blockers and low dose anxiety medication have allowed me to feel much better. I am not saying this will work for your diagnosis but there is always hope.
Make an appointment with your doctor and let him know that you are having trouble convincing yourself that it is safe to wait 5 years. Let your doctor know that you are suffering tremendous anxiety because of your symptoms.

What tests have you had if you don't mind me asking. Are you taking Meds?

Hang in there, you will be fine!