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I'm scared

Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM) | Last Active: Aug 10, 2023 | Replies (10)

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I was diagnosed 12 years ago after I had triple bypass and Carotid bypass. I was 80%,85 % and 95 % blocked in my heart arteries and %98 blocked in my carotid. My Ef was 44. After Surgery they put me on beta blocker(Metoprolol) after three weeks my EF went to 32. My cardiologist said I needed a defibrillator so he put one in. I told the cardiologist it was the beta blocker and he said no. I refused to take it anymore and went to physical therapy for my heart. After 10 weeks of therapy it started coming back. I had gone to 20% but was back to 38%. I am now 55%EF. They told my family I wouldn’t make it , but if I survived the carotid then they would do the bypass three days after. I was 66yrs old . I am now 78! Mayo Clinic is awesome so you are in good hands! I don’t know if you are religious or not but put your hands in God and let him and your Doctors do their job. God works thru the skill of the doctors. If I can do it at age 66 you can too. Then after you recover only strength in your self will get you thru. I will be praying for you.

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Amen! I absolutely believe in prayer and God. Thanks for sharing your story. I'll put you in my prayers. ♥ Please pray this medicine helps and if I do eventually go to Mayo clinic, I find resources to help pay for travel etc. as well as good surgery.