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Treating Osteoporosis

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Forteo was great for me. Built up bone mass that I didn’t have. Even the reps for the rx were impressed with my results and used them as an example. I would still be on if I could. I’ve never been told of the 2 yr limit on Prolia. I will have my 2nd shot for 2016 in Dec. and I have not been told that. I will have to ask my doctor at Mayo. Forteo was covered by my insurance.

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Do you know what your density was before and after 2 years on Forteo – i.e., the percentage of improvement as a result of your treatment?

I’d have to go back in my medical records…

I have been doing a lot of research about drugs for osteoporosis and I would add this to the other information I have. It would be very helpful as not everyone has had good results from these drugs – or at least enough to compensate for the trouble and expense.

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