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Treating Osteoporosis

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Hi @flygirl8

Normally they run pth ( parathyroid hormone ) blood test if serum or ionized calcium is high or low. Have you had your calcium checked. With parathyroid disease calcium can be normal with high pth as well
I would most certainly want to find out the cause of your osteoporosis first if that is possible.
Usually 2-3 blood tests with pth and calcium ( both done at same blood draw ) will give some indication if there is a problem with pt glands . They can be done weekly for 3 wks. Also good idea to have vit d tested as some have 2ndary hyperparathyroidism due to low vit D. Generally speaking, secondary hyperparathyroidism due to vitamin D deficiency does not cause abnormally high calcium levels but usually pth is higher than it should be. ( Calcium to parathyroid hormone ratio ) Hope you find this somewhat helpful. You are far too young to have osteoporosis

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Great info. I'm keeping it in mind fir when/if have to consider osteoporosis treatment options.

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