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Do Prolia injections affect the kidneys?

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Hi cares, prior to my first Prolia injection, my GFR was 83.5…..Now 6 months later my GFR IS 71.5…..Mt PTH were 101.4 and 88.4..I have had VITAMIN D megadoses too as my D WAS very low and symptomatic…Curious to how low my next GFR will be in Sept…..I MAY NOT RECEIVE ANYMORE PROLIA OF MY OWN VOLITION, but the elevated PTH IS OF GREAT CONCERN TOO… No one seems to make a correlation to decrease in GFR AND PROLIA….I am just a retired director of nursing….My osteoporosis is moderate to severe…. I think more studies are needed…Our health is suffering here

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Hello @trinity and welcome to Mayo Connect.

I appreciate you sharing your experience with Prolia injections. I can understand your concern with the increase of PTH since the injection. Was your PTH elevated prior to beginning the Prolia treatment? Do you recall what your calcium score was? (PTH and calcium levels are usually taken at the same time).

I also have bone loss, elevated PTH and low levels of D. It all seems to work together.

You mention taking mega doses of Vitamin D. Is this the prescription strength Vitamin D or supplements that you take?

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