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Hello, I am wondering if there is anyone who is dealing with an “acute” compression fracture of a vertebrae. I have recently been diagnosed with this and have been struggling with intense pain (at times) for over 5 months. The pain centre here has recommended a vertebroplasty. Has anyone gone down this path, or another? Thanks, Martishka

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Yes, I have definitely had this experience. I ruptured a disk at L5-S1 in
2012 as well as a fracture of the L-5 vertebra. I underwent a
vertebraplasty for the fracture and couldn’t be happier. The procedure
takes about 30 minutes performed by an Interventional Radiologist. I was
lucky in that I actually worked as a RN in this area and knew the doctors
well. He did a great job and I have experienced no pain since. I would
highly recommend going ahead with it.

HI Sasaka,
Thank you for your response. I would like to do something that could help restore a better quality of life. I have two grandchildren (1 and 3) and I care for them 1 day a week and it is proving to be very difficult. I had heard some negative feedback about the procedure and was a bit nervous about the possibility of leakage. I was also told that the vertebrae above and below the one being treated had a greater chance of fracture after the procedure. But it is good to hear that you had a positive result.