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How long have you been using Monoprpst? How expensive is it?

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Hi been using Monoprost since mid 2018 nightly. It is sort of the preservative free version of Latanoprost and comes in box, within the box small tinfoil packages each containing several separate vials which are opened each night... because it contains no preservative they have to ensure it stays sterile. I would really like to change to another Glaucoma drop but reading each one - the good, the bad, and the ugly, seems each one has "cons." I am in Canada. Thankfully I still have prescription coverage from my last job which continued after retirement, my spouse's coverage ended the day he retired but again thankful he then was covered under mine! So I get 2 boxes of 30 individual doses in each box every 60 days; they show the cost as $44.60 for 2 boxes: dispensing fee 11.99 for a total of $56.59 Canadian. The Insurance Company pays 48.23 of that amount and I pay $8.36 - Optometrist prescribes. There are a lot of side effects, as other drops, but don't have much choice with narrow angle Glaucoma. Have history of twice laser for vitreous issues 2007/8. Optometrist allows me to phone and go in and front staff take puffer test to check eye pressure in between regular visits. Cannot buy Monoprost "over the counter." My other cost is dry eye drops, preservative free and I have tried almost every brand over the years and they help at first but then I have to change, presently Refresh Plus seems to leave my eyes feeling bit sticky so ready for a change. Since I had antibiotic June 14 now I am seeing thousands of tiny tiny squiggles and my floaters seem to have increased a bit, am quite concerned abut it plus it is affecting looking at computer screen a bit... fortunate are those with no "eye problems" but as they say, it could be worse!