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Helpful suggestions as we head into BMT?

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@jiminmorris Welcome to Connect and Mayo Rochester. It’s my home away from home after an allogenic bone marrow transplant 4 years ago. Your wife cannot be in better care anywhere! The team in Station 9-4 will be a new family for you…and so will those of us in Connect who have had BMT.

We have several members who have had SCT for MM and other blood cancers. The autogenic stem cell transplant uses your wife’s own cells so she should have an easier time with recovery. Let me connect you with some of our members who have recently had this similar experience, some in Mayo-Rochester.

@jstpeachey had her transplant just 8 days ago and is doing really well. She understandable hasn’t shared her experience yet but having spoken with her today, she’s doing great!

@capthondo shares his story at Mayo Rochester in this link… https://connect.mayoclinic.org/comment/747475/
It can be found in this discussion group:
~Want to talk about Multiple Myeloma: Anyone else? https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/multiple-myeloma-299aae/
@countrygirlusa also had an auto transplant in Rochester and shares her story: https://connect.mayoclinic.org/comment/716285/

Her story along with mine and many others are found in this discussion group about our bone marrow transplants:
~My Bone Marrow Transplant (BMT/SCT) story: Will you share yours?

As for being disconnected from friends and relatives, this time will go quickly for both you and your wife. My transplant required my husband and I to be gone for 4 months. We got along just fine with family back home via phone calls, computer chats, emails and texts. Plus you’ll be staying in the Gift of Hope transplant house where you’ll have people near you sharing the same experiences.
Do you have any specific questions for any of us?

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Having lost my father to cancer, we learned that cancer patients and caregivers *must* do their homework on both the disease and treatment options. So my wife and I have already looked at those stories and considered applicable lessons. We are just trying to avoid learning lessons the hard way, while keeping in mind the diversity of treatments and experiences.