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What I have learned from life so far......

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I am going to be the devil's advocate. What I have learned so far is that most of the time life stinks. Sorry, but that's the way it is. While everything you say has worth and value, it doesn't always go that way. I am nearing the end of my life. (I think) I am now alone as my husband of 59 years died. Of two sons, only one is supportive. My outlook is bleak and I will not be sorry to go.

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Well you seem infinitely more lucky than me…no sons, daughters, siblings, friends, neighbors who are "supportive."
Yet, I suppose when life was doled out to me, some eight decades ago, the universe did not Promise me anything except some basic faculties that would help me carve out something that looks like "life."
Nietzsche has said, 'we die at the right time.' Really, those who die at three. thirty, or ninety three, are all rightful deaths?

I'm still grappling with this notion, Maybe life must NOT be measured in clock-time. Maybe there is another unit-of-life…one that is outside the confines of earth's rotations and revolutions. I seem to like this idea of 'good life'…in life-lengths would not seem 'just.'

Did you notice that when you are engaged doing what is 'enjoyable' you seem to lose sense of time? It's like a time-outside-time?

As long I'm independent, I can 'control' most things such as food, exertion, stress, But I'm utterly lost HOW would I go when I'm not independent. Even the death-cafes don't get into it, only into formalities of dying. I have not come across any info on the internet either. Does anyone know?

Hi there @thisismarilynb, I’m so sorry for your loss and for everything you’re going through. I wish I could say something to make it better; anyway, I’ll keep you in my prayers. < 3 I’ve been reading about your journey with losing your husband and I’m impressed by your courage and resilience. I agree that a lot of the time life does stink and lately I’ve been feeling frustrated and depressed. But I like to think that it’s the smiles and love that we give each other when our hearts just really are NOT in it that are most powerful and most cherished by God. Anyone can smile when all is right with the world, but it takes courage for you to give that because you’re hurting. It’s a special role you've been given.