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Chronic pain - Let's talk

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@ladyjane85 Keep a positive attitude and all will be well surgery helps most people. 19lin

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19lin Thank you, but I have had 5 back surgeries, pain for 30 years,
cannot take meds. I have an apartment in an Independent living facility, so
housework is done for me, and meals are down in the dining room. The rest
of the time I am on the bed in a half recline. Drs do not know what else to
do, but I am going to try another nerve block procedure – he says if he can
find a place to put in the needle because of all the hardware in the
lumbar. Now the compression disc fractures have gone up much higher in my
back and more painful because the spasms go around the body to the front. I
make my bed and make it beautiful, and dress to where everyone admires my
clothing ( I did model). All this hurts while performing these physical
tasks but when you look better, it makes you feel better…..ladyjane85

It’s just my bad genes, after 8 surgeries I’m done had enough. And they want me to do another one, no way. I’ve had enough. briansr

I don’t think it was your genes.. I think it was 8 surgeries. Why so many
any do they want you to have another one?

Thank you ladyjane85 for your good wishes. I like your positive attitude. So true that dressing up & looking nice can help you face the day in a better mood. I’ve also found that I cannot wear flat shoes; wedge heels feel better. Thanks to everyone for posting to Twokitties.

@briansr I agree, enough with surgeries. Are you living in a facility
where you are put either in Independent Living or
Assisted Living? If you are living alone one must look into a facility
where you can be helped. I am in a Continuing Care
place in an Independent Living apartment. It is expensive to get into but
they can never throw you out, you just move up
to more assisted parts. Even a spouse can live with one. Do not give up –
my very best, ladyjane85