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Chronic pain - Let's talk

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@twokitties Hello twokitties my name is briansr..I saw your post and wish you all the luck on your surgery. Ive had 8 low back and cervical surgeries, all were a have to. The first two were lumbar L4-S1, I couldn’t walk. You might need some help when you get home. I am done, everyone I’ve had has caused the disc above or below to crumble. This has been a 33yr battle and they want to another one. I’m sure yours will go fine. I asked my dr what was wrong with me and he just said I was messed up. I will say a prayer for a speedy recoverj and no more leg pain. briansr

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Hello brainsr. Thanks for your interest. Your situation is much more dire. I certainly hope for better days for you. It is frightening that you’ve had to have multiple surgeries seemingly caused by the previous. I don’t think my surgery involves any discs, only osteoarthritic growths that are are causing spinal stenosis.

Thank you. I think my problems are just me, like the doctor said,
your just messed up. I’m still looking for a name for my condition.

Hi two kittens, well I have been fighting with leg and hip pain for over a
year. After 8 weeks of PT I have Spinal Stenosis, which has led to
Degenerative Disc Disease. No operation suggested. Hope this helps. Shay.

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