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@maolland -

You are most welcome.
And from my experience (just me personally and from things I’ve read) ENTs might be some of the most worthless specialists out there. Not trying to sound negative.

Know that you are not alone.

As far as suggestions-I’d really work with a PT on holding patterns and try to get into a regular practice of mindfulness w/ yoga etc..

Make sure you are giving yourself enough space to really be unplugged and experiencing real joy and relaxation.

Often tons of doctor visits and pain chasing can be stressful and keep us stuck and draw more attention to the area we are trying to fix. And keep us wound tight.

Really focus on releasing old patterns.

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You can’t rule out a physical condition either. I clear my throat all day long. My throat hurts constantly even when I’m not clearing my throat. The back of my neck is pretty much tight all day long. Lots of headaches especially in the morning. I can’t swallow without having water or other drink to take by my side during meals. 2 separate speech therapists turned into one saying I have to grind my food. Do you know how bad that is? It looks like vomit on the plate. I stopped eating for days because of it.
I got a new speech therapist and she said “you can swallow good enough to take you off ground up meals. “ Heres some crackers, let’s see how you do.” I had to have some sort of liquid near me but I wasn’t chocking. She cleared me for regular food. “Just keep liquid nearby while eating.” I didn’t mention that I have GAD as well.