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Chronic pain - Let's talk

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Dear Jane,
I am glad I ran into your post because I too have been researching
PRP, I was unaware that insurance didnt cover this. If you dont mind me
asking, about how much does one treatment cost?
Were your laser treatments: cold laser? Briefly about me: I’m 40yo in good
health and weight, save my 13 spine surgeries 8 of those being fusions both
anterior and posterior of my cervical spine from C3-T1 as well as L3-S1.
I’ve had over 35 epidurals and facet injections, and am kind of lost as to
where to look for alternative treatments. I’m on a small amount of opiots,
have a spinal cord stimulator etc.
How long did it take before you started getting some relief.
Thank you for your time and I look forward to your response.


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Hi, The injections cost $3,500.00 for the PRP, stem cells that were
injected from my neck all the way to my sciatica which was the worse pain I
was complaining about, and laser treatments. I was able to be at a pain
level around 3 or 4,( 9 before that my pain was 7 8 9),
and was much better over all. I had to have one more stem cell injection
on my sciatica, $2,500.00, about two months later and after that one, the
pain went right away. It takes several months for the cells to regenerate
the nerves as they are very delicate. That is the reason they give me
laser treatments to help them heal me. I will continue to get the laser
treatments as long as I need them. They are included in the price I paid.
It is an expensive way to go, but people who have had surgery, and other
forms of pain treatments end up getting the stem cells and PRP .
I am just praying I will get better and better as time goes on. I am back
at the gym working out with weights three time a week and I am 79.

One other note is they gave me the amniotic cells instead of my own bone
marrow as that would just be putting old cells back in my body. I hope I
have helped you with this information. You can go on line to
http://www.RestoraLife.com and check it out. This place is in Melbourne, Fl. I
do not know if they have other places, but more and more doctors are
getting involved with this new treatment for pain.

Gd bless, Jane

Nice to hear of your stem cell treatments. Funny, I am Jane also;
living FL. I would be unable to pay the cost, and am a young 85. No drugs are tolerable for me, and none on the epidurals helped . Last week a new pain mngmnt Dr, my 4th in 25 odd years says there is nothing else he can do for my 8
and 9 pain level back. Five surgeries later, and with no drugs or meds it is tough.

Perhaps we could meet!!!! Please private message me.