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Chronic pain - Let's talk

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To suebreen 54 – I have gone to to pain dr/anesthesiologists for over 20
years. Epidural shots of many locations have not worked on me.

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Epidurals, trigger point injections, cortisone injections. None of them
work for me. I don’t understand why.

Right before I was diagnosed with degenerative disc desease I went to a
chiropractor that I liked and Then in my early 20s I was diagnosed wi
degenerative disc desease and I went to physical therapy and chiropractor
back and for and then my cervical spine was to bad for chiropractic care.
I was in physical therapy and went to college and to work and my discs got
worse anyway. So my treatments changed. I use a lot of different things for
pain relief. I worked for 23 years in pain. You can get use to pain. You
probably have a high pain tolerance now. Study your desease or your
injuries and all the treatments and ask your Dr of all treatments
possible. Hope will help positivity knowing you can do something someday
even if it’s be part robot in the future because you have to have a sense
of humor and watch comics and funny movies good luck and keep writing on
let’s talk

What type pain do you have. Is it Diabetic peripheral neuropathy pain or

Likewise with me – nothing has worked through the years.

I love it,keep doing what your doing.

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