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Chronic pain - Let's talk

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Have you tried going to pain management. That’s were I go. That’s
probably why my epidurals don’t hurt. I love my Dr. I recommend seeing a
pain specialist in a pain clinic. Usually they are I’m totally drawing a
blank on what kind of Dr he is its on the tip of my tongue. Have ever
thought of going I saw a neurologists once he was rude and insulting and
didn’t make since to me. Do you need a new MRI? We have the right to not
live in pain. Although there will always be some pain. There are a lot
of organizations like the American Pain Association you can find on the
Internet it’s great. I recommend that too. What do you think. How long
have you been struggling with this?

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I lost my leg in Vietnam in 1968 from a big land mine. That is when my pain started almost 50 years ago. Of course I have picked up more pain problems since then and I have seen all kinds of doctors, pain clinics and various alternative methods of pain control since then. You are correct you have to keep trying to find the best pain control. There is a new attempt to stop the use of opioids except for cancer patients and temporary patients because of the increase in overdose deaths from opioids. I do not believe it will help and it will only make things worst for those of us who get some relief from opioids. In one journal on pain they had studies that showed a higher than normal suicide rate among chronic pain suffers. Personally I support the right of an individual to end their life if they have a bad illness or painful illness that can not be corrected or adequately controlled by pain medicine or other means. But I do believe you have to try all the things you reasonability can to help yourself resolve the pain before you resort to a final end. 19lin

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