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Chronic pain - Let's talk

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I have been really sick so I’m starting over to try walking. We could do this together and encourage each other. I live in the Adirondacks in NY and its been col frozen and snowing but today sunny and40. Who wants to join ? We can kind of start around the same time. We should decide when we want to start. And give each other time to walk for however long for the first time before moving on. Small steps. Everyone will be going different distances i won’t be going far we could go a little bit everyday up to a week. But we can talk and encourage each [ther along the way. I know i need it whose in. I need this or i’m going to sit with my cat and dog and read

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This sounds good to me. I wish you lived here but online support is good. It’s so hard when everyone tells you to just walk and “JUST” walking in very painful. i can only go less than a block. But I need motivation to try to move more.I have fibromyalgia, CFS, osteoarthritis among other issues. I really struggle with the pain and fatigue but can push to function at a low level, but what gets me down is the flu like symptoms. No one seems to even care about this. How would they like to wake up everyday feeling like they are at the worst of the flu?
Anyway, did you start walking yet and has anyone else joined you?

@ly, I,too, have fibromyalgia, but my back pain is so bad that it is
my main distraction. Cannot walk far so spend most of my life on the
bed. Someone said to try the brownie recipe, but living in an
independent living facility I would not know where to get the main
ingredient. Life is terrible t 86, although to people I look very
much younger and the do not know how much pain I suffer. Tmrw I am
seeing a dr and asking about radio frequency ablation which none of my
pain mngmnt drs have ever mentioned. Hope all who read these
exchanges feel “betta” @ladyjane85