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I tried Evenity and since the first infusion in April of 2023 my life's been a mess. First side effect was insomnia. Couldn't sleep for more than 3 hours at a time. As the time for the next injection neared, the insomnia eased up but was right back after the shot. This time accompanied by lack of energy and a feeling of not being well. But I hung in there. After the third shot, my a-fib, which I had before beginning Evenity and was told not to be concerned about got worse, along with light headedness and low blood pressure. My eyes began to swell in the morning. All these symptoms were reported to my doctor who assured me they were not caused by Evenity. No one reported symptoms like this in clinical trials. Then I checked the clinical trials and made an appointment with my cardiologist who compared the EKG he did before starting Evenity with the one he did that day. So now I'm hooked up to a heart monitor because something not good is happening to my heart. If I had my choice of continuing to live like this just so I might be able to ski one day or get back to normalcy in my life, I sure wouldn't choose skiing.

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I am so sorry this happened to you. I finished 5 doses of Evenity and had to stop. I had minor side effects that I could handle: feeling tired, headache, some aches and pains, a little brain fog. But after the 4th dose I started getting heart palpitations. I spoke with my MD ( Rhuematologist) regarding this and he said if it gets worse I should stop and he would not put me on anything because I have had no improvement to any medication I have been on. Well after the 5th injection they did get worse. I went to a different MD( Endocrinologist) today for another opinion on what I should go on and she had no clue. Very sad really. She actually said to me " If you break a hip, you can get a hip replacement". I am only 62 years old! At this point, I will continue to take my supplements, walk everyday, meditate and live life to the fullest. I am very frustrated with the medical community at this time.

That’s so funny, well not haha but ironic – the first thing about this that I hated was skiing and roller blading being taken away, ice skating too but I only did that once a year or so. Not t mention ever getting back on a horse. At first an ortho said I could ski because it wasn’t that bad, then two years later it was worse. He says ‘ you can ski just don’t fall.” And this guy got thru med school. But to me the worse tho g is from a PT, who says if you ski you shouldn’t twist, just long backed turns. My goal has always been perfect short turns. But the irony is my doctor’s last attempt to get me on Evenity was “so you can ski again.” So far I’ve just been too scared, the black box and dental risks just too great. What I hate tho is that not skiing doesn’t cure osteoporosis, we could still twist the wrong way and break something anyhow.