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Sudden onset neuropathy and scared

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Wondering how you are both doing? I was diagnosed with PN in May and it is getting worse. As I try to exercise (walking and cycling) it seems to get worse right afterward. This doesn’t make sense to me since these are highly recommended exercises for PN. My left foot is nearly all numb, the right is following but not as bad. The whole prospect of a disease like this is terrifying and all consuming and I’m only a short time with it. It’s helpful to check in with this group and comforting to hear others’ stories especially those living with it longer than me. Hope to hear your thoughts.

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I had a similar experience. Since the start, I've learned that there are a number of factors that can be the origin of the problem. In my case, I did not have any back pain when my PN starated. However, lately my back has shown itself to be the root of the problem. Now, I'm working with some orthopedic surgeons hoping to get some back relief which in turn might help with my PN. Have your doctor do an MRI of your back to assess your back and either confirm or eliminate your back as a potential source. Not all back problems have pain. Good luck.

It seems those exercises are aggravating your symptoms.
I developed peripheral neuropathy rapidly after the Covid vaccine. Like many peripheral neuropathy patients, I am limited in my ability to walk on a hard surface or put pressure on my feet through exercise or yard work. These activities trigger a flare in my nerve pain at night. It's important to buy shoes with heavily padded insoles such as SAS shoes or Hokas. My tolerance for activity has slowly been improving as my neuropathy has improved without more Covid vaccines.