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Adjusting to life with temporal arteritis

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Thank you for getting my post to the right place!
I was diagnosed as having Giant Cell Arteritis last week, and my doctor has suggested I change my diet. The health issues I have had, and still have, are osteoporosis, and wet macular degeneration (well controlled by Eyelea). I am not overweight, need no drugs for cholesterol. I did increase the amount of fat & protein in my diet over the past 12 months and then wanted less sugar. My Doctor has suggested a Mediterranean diet with less meat and fat, which I will attempt. I have always eaten a lot of fish, chicken and vegetables, dislike deep fried food. I will miss the fat – especially since I have been reading that possibly elderly brains need more fat. I am 88. I am curious if other people with different diets, including vegetarians, have adjusted their diets when diagnosed with this type of arteritis, and if so, what results.

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Hi @sophie32. I was diagnosed with Giant Cell Arteritis in June of 2019. I hope you are in the care of a rheumatologist for your new diagnosis of GCA. You'll need to be closely monitored for lab work, vision loss, and more. My initial symptom was loss of vision in my right eye, which is a common fear with GCA. I was immediately put on Prednisone to avoid further vision loss. I don't mean to frighten you, but this is a serious disease and needs close contact with a specialist. Perhaps you already have that in place. I'm so glad you have no medications up to this point. Good for you! I'm 85, so we're both up there. lol
Do keep in touch through Mayo Clinic Connect. You'll learn much and have lots of support. Warmest wishes.

@sophie32 You said that you were diagnosed with Giant Cell Arteritis by a rheumatologist and that he suggested that you change your diet. Did he also give you medications to take or suggest a plan of care?

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