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New to this forum. I've read several of the posts and want to add my comments. I've been on Evenity since last September so only few more months to go. I pretty much had no choice in taking this drug. I'm 71 yrs old and have had several fractures throughout my life primari!y due to a hereditary disease I have OI which is brittle bones. Having this disease has been very detrimental to my osteoporosis. I took Actonel for years and Forteo for two years about 15+ yrs ago. The Forteo helped build bone but at that time could only take for 2 years. Then went to Prolia about 6 years ago. Had a bad fall last March – broke pelvis, sacrum and ribs so highly recommended Evenity. I've got extremely bad osteoporosis. Last few months I've had my injections in my thighs to give my arm a break. I've had the normal redness and swelling at injection site but also feel muscle weakness and joint pain. Few of the other symptoms as well but because I have arthritis and chronic back pain don't know if it's just normal for me. Sure am hoping this drug works for me – my doctor is very optimistic it will. He's seen a lot of success with people taking Evenity. Going back on Prolia is in my future but no previous problems taking that. Hope you all have excellent scans as a result of taking it.

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@bern06 would you consider Reclast instead of Prolia? If you go on Prolia you will eventually need it anyway.

Keith McCormick's new book "Great Bones" explains issues with stopping or transitioning off of Prolia, and there is a video on Combined and Sequential Treatment by Dr. Leder at MGH that is also informative. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WXoz1NeUgg8

I have the impression that being on Prolia for too long is not good for bones. My doc doesn't use it because of the drop off in bone density and increase in fracture risk when stopped. But in the video Dr. Leder says he will sometimes use it for 2-3 years (as I remember, but check). Of course your doctor is your best resource.

You might find out if they'll give you the shots in the abdomen. That seems to be a good place for mine. I'd think the arms and legs would be more painful.