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C. difficile – Are your guts ever normal again?

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I'm very sorry to hear your are having a difficult recovery. I pray for your speedy healing.
I don't believe your Gut ever goes back to normal sfter Cdiff. As my Family Dr put it-I think you have a different/new normal now.
Yes. I have had several reoccurrences since I was released from the hospital. I took 3 Rounds of FMT Pills by mouth which were supposed to Re-Colonize my Colon. They failed. My Infectious Disease Dr finally , on 1-30-2023, sent me to the Hospital where a Gastroenterologist performed a FMT (Fecal Matter Transplant) via the Colonoscopy type route. So far so good. So this is why I am so cautious about Antibiotics.
Since you haven't had a reoccurence in several years, you could possibly be out of the woods in regards to taking Antibiotics . But if I were you I would still run it by your surgeon's follow-up staff to get some input from Mayo infectious disease experts, as you said.
I am in Alabama so I'm sorry I wouldn't be able to recommend a Gastro Dr.
Take good care.

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Thank you again for your replies.
I sympathize with your situation. That is most difficult. I have read about such cases and have been terrorized.
I only had a HUGE DIARRHEA, went to the hospital 3 days later and spent a week in a private room overlooking the Gulf of Mexico. I thought "And Medicare pays for this? They did and I have very good Medigap insurance also.

I know about fecal transplant. One needs a close relative???
I am wondering if I had a different strain of C-diff.-perhaps weaker than today - so the ten days of Vancomycin did the trick, and I had no reoccurrences.
They now talk about how certain infections are more resistant to antibiotics because Doctors prescribed them unnecessarily. (How many people got it from Dentist prescription of antibiotics!!!!- My dentist sent me flowers after).
But I have googled and googled and not found any reporting on probability of having a C-diff outbreak when taking an antibiotic many years after the last outbreak. One would think someone is collecting such data. A life without antibiotics could be a problem. Of course, I am now almost 12 years older and have lung cancer which means my immune system is also weaker. So now my risk is greater.

Well I found some info to my own question.
..."Once you have a C. diff infection, you may continue to have some detectable level of C. diff bacteria that live within the gut, which may never completely go away"
Here is link to article.