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Post hip replacement problems

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I had a complex hip replacement at the end of January. I had soft bones and I now have a cable and a screw showing up on my hip x-rays. I had to use a walker for the first six weeks and then afterwards I found it too painful to walk so I ordered a cane from Amazon and I used that for another six weeks. I have only started to walk normally after almost 4 month post op. Who told you that you should feel hunky dory after only six days? I do recall meeting a few people in the past year or two who said that right after surgery they were able to walk right up the stairs. Well, yay for them. This is considered major surgery and everyone will have different outcomes. My thigh still hurts on occasion as does my knee but I am so grateful that I do not wake up every night in pain like I used to. I no longer obsess about chronic pain and if this is as good as it gets for me, then I am OK with that. You need to give it time. Three days after surgery it took me 22 minutes round trip to get out of bed and make it to the bathroom which was less than 15 feet away. If your x-rays are good then you are most likely going to get OK. All my x-rays have been good for the past 5 months. My surgeon told me that it would take 18-24 months before I am fully recovered.

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I didn't mean to sound like I expected sunshine and roses! Ha I was so happy that for the first two days I was on par and then that horrible pain like someone slammed my shin bone with a bat started every time I tried to do what I Had been doing. It scared me and since my daughter is a nurse, she insisted she help me with a gait belt. (she worked in a nursing home) and she did most of the work with me crying out every step. I'm not one to panic but I am glad to know it isn't fractured. Since a few days ago it is little better to walk and exercise. Now I have little twingys once in awhile in my thigh and if I let my arm rest lightly on my hip on the socket it feels odd. I like this sight for the fact that you can send a detailed text. Haha Thanks!