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Chronic dizziness and vestibular migraines

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I can relate with you. I have been having dizziness since 2013 and I had every test that you can imagine. I do have fluid in both of my Mastoids and I was told that was not the cause. I did have 3 Station Tubes in my Right Ear all had failed then I had a Balloon inserted in the right ear and I am still being told that my ear is not the problem. I just got back from the Mayo Clinic with no answers. Will be going back next month for more testing. I also staggered when I walk. I do not fall but I have to balance myself from falling. Do you stagger when you walk? So far all blood work is perfect I wish my walking was. Don’t give up and don’t quit your job
I can still work out but I noticed that is one of my triggers. I had every heart test done you name it I had it done. I wish someone can figure this out because I am loosing my freken mind. Hope you the best, and if I get an answer I will let you know

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Hello I had a lot of balance problems and what I did was to use a walker so I didnt fall. I did every day my balance exercises and look at the bright side of my life.I can walk I can talk et… Take care and take it easy

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