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I also have the same “scab” which I posted about on this site previously. I discussed with my regular Dr and she gave me an antibiotic, amoxicillin to see I would notice any change. I also started to take Mucinex to thin mucus; I was having a lot of sinus issues and did sinus rinse and then also started Sudafed. Then sore throat and still a lot of mucus/phlegm. Have had all this going on since Jan 11. Back to Dr and they ordered blood work. Now have determined I have mono. Unfortunately I still have coughed up the “scab” but it is not crusty but I can still see the little ‘dent-like hole’ in the middle of it but it is soft. The Dr indicated I would need to see ENT if none the things I have done thus far work. Thanks for all of your info. It is difficult to believe that this “crusty scab” is such a mystery to medical professionals. @beebuzz

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could be post nasal drip or coming from your antrums sit in your cheek and sinus above your nose

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Halleluiah, I’ve been cured.

I was bringing up a scab every 3 days, it’s now been 2 months since my last scab.

In May I went back to my ENT. He scoped me and extracted the scab… sent it to the lab for pathology.

The report came back as Heavy Growth Staphylococcus Aureus. Moderate Gram Positive Cocci in pairs.
The pathology report included a Susceptibility Results report, which listed various antibiotics and if the specimen was resistant or susceptible.

From the list of susceptible antibiotics, my ENT prescribed Levofloxacin Tabs 500mg for 21 days.

So far, 2 months and no scabs. Hopefully this information can help you find an answer as well.

Also – I had been on a zPack the 2 weeks prior to the Levoflxacin. It did change the frequency of the scabs, but it came back as soon as I was finished with the zPack … you need the right antibiotic for an extended period