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@klpdx, @reebobbin I have the exact same picture. Thumbnail sized “Scab”, slightly cupped form, with mucus.

I was coughing one up about every 3 weeks. Since having surgery last June to correct a deviated septum, I have great air flow, but am now consistently coughing up one of these scabs every 3 days.

Post surgery I brought this condition to my ENT/Surgeon, which he scoped me and can see the “Crusting”; He reviewed the MRI that I had prior to surgery – No evidence of any abnormality. November he ordered a CT Scan – No evidence of an abnormality/cancer. January he biopsied the nasopharynx where the scab grows – No evidence of cancer… but no conclusion either. I suggested a problem with the adenoids, but he doesn’t think so.

He suggested coming back in 3 months and see if the condition still exists. I’ll be going back late in March … looking forward to hearing if you have any further updates. I plan to share this information with him when I see him next month.

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it sounds like something has happened during surgery and you have quite a bad post nasal drip whereby stuff from the nose is going back into the back ofyour throat and you aren't blowing it out with tissues or hankies . I would suggestget a computer tomography scan of your nose ,sinus amd antrums and see what is happening+

I also have the same “scab” which I posted about on this site previously. I discussed with my regular Dr and she gave me an antibiotic, amoxicillin to see I would notice any change. I also started to take Mucinex to thin mucus; I was having a lot of sinus issues and did sinus rinse and then also started Sudafed. Then sore throat and still a lot of mucus/phlegm. Have had all this going on since Jan 11. Back to Dr and they ordered blood work. Now have determined I have mono. Unfortunately I still have coughed up the “scab” but it is not crusty but I can still see the little ‘dent-like hole’ in the middle of it but it is soft. The Dr indicated I would need to see ENT if none the things I have done thus far work. Thanks for all of your info. It is difficult to believe that this “crusty scab” is such a mystery to medical professionals. @beebuzz

Let us know how it goes!

I have been having these for years, ENT looked through nose to adenoids and said they were scabs on my adenoids, only option was a biopsy and I never went back. He didn't take a sample while he was looking at my adenoids or anything. In a different ENT's office, I actually managed to "suck" one up while he was examining me. For some strange reasons, he looked like he would throw up if he had to look at it. I actually get a sore throat a day or two before the "scab" decides it's time to make me force it up through my throat. Like other posters on here,I hate to show totally gross pictures doctors won't even look at, but I was thrilled to see one on here just like the ones I get up. I have actually put one of these gross things in a little bottle and took it to family doctor who won't even look at it. If they can't stand to look at them, how do they think we feel.