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This is exactly what mine look like as well. This has been going on for at least 3 years. I have searched and searched and searched online for someone experiencing the same problem as me. I’ve gone to the ENT 4 times. I went last week and was prescribed Biaxin because the chunks that I am coughing up are green. So far it has done nothing. I have to get one of those children’s bulb syringes to extract the thick mucus from the back of my throat sometimes. Also, I purchased a dental mirror not too long ago along with a small pen size flashlight. Point the flashlight towards the back of your throat, while holding the dental mirror up at the top of your throat. What I saw was absolutely disgusting. It was like a giant cavity with a lot of green mucus. I even told my ENT this, and never bothered to scope me or look further in to my problem. I’m attaching some pictures of my “scabs” as well.

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I’m so sorry—it looks like you definitely have the same thing I, and likely more than a few folks have on this forum. I completely understand—things have gotten so bad I’m waking in the night choking on this thing. It used to happen every few days, then I had nasal surgery—the airflow improved, which definitely made things worse. Now it’s every day. It’s worse on days I can’t cough it out…because I can feel it there. It’s kind of like how your ears, nose, and throat feel right at the beginning/end of a cold. My humble advice? New ENT, stat! You totally have chronic adenoiditis, and that means low-grade inflammation is happening above your hard palate ALL THE TIME. I had to do a month of antibiotics (did nothing) for insurance purposes, and finally, FINALLY, surgery is scheduled to have the dang things taken out. The last time I was scheduled to have them removed, my insurance changed and I couldn’t afford it. Then this summer, another ENT agreed they needed to come out…but the surgeon decided it wasn’t necessary during my nasal surgery, and DIDN’T DO IT. He was so sure fixing my nose would solve everything…nope. Worse. I went back to him and insisted earlier this month. He tried to blow me off, then the thing that finally seemed to get his attention was when I told him that because of this, my throat hurt every morning, and the base of my ears hurts every night. See that depression in the center of the scab? That’s where your adenoid is, the mucus is dripping back and hardening around it. Sometimes it hardens around the entire thing like in your 2nd picture, and sometimes just the top, like in the 1st and 3rd. Please don’t give up. Doctors work for YOU. It’s my actual job to help them, and all to often the attitude is: “I’m right because, duh, I’m the doctor here.” They aren’t all knowing and all powerful, they make mistakes and overlook things. You deserve to be heard. Good luck. Please keep us updated!