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@fcleaner1 @beebuzz @needtoknow Hey guys, pardon the totally gross pictures, but I thought it might be helpful to make sure everyone has the same issue in mind. The photo is of the afore mention snot crusts. I’ve been definitively diagnosed with chronic adenoiditis, and will soon be having them removed. Currently, I have to clear one of these bad boys out more or less daily, and at times, it can be annoyingly difficult, painful, and embarrassing to try and “cough it up.” Basically, you sound like you’re trying to (pardon me) “hawk up” a stubborn loogie (sp?). I encourage anyone with similar symptoms to gather the evidence: save/document a series of crusts (to show your provider), study nasal anatomy/read about chronic adenoiditis, and perhaps most important: find an ENT who listens to you, and agrees to perform an internal laryngopharyngeal exam with a flexible fiber scope.

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This picture is EXACTLY what my mucous scab looks like. I took a pic of mine to show my Dr. thank you so much for sharing your experience. I will be discussing with my Dr soon.

This is exactly what mine look like as well. This has been going on for at least 3 years. I have searched and searched and searched online for someone experiencing the same problem as me. I’ve gone to the ENT 4 times. I went last week and was prescribed Biaxin because the chunks that I am coughing up are green. So far it has done nothing. I have to get one of those children’s bulb syringes to extract the thick mucus from the back of my throat sometimes. Also, I purchased a dental mirror not too long ago along with a small pen size flashlight. Point the flashlight towards the back of your throat, while holding the dental mirror up at the top of your throat. What I saw was absolutely disgusting. It was like a giant cavity with a lot of green mucus. I even told my ENT this, and never bothered to scope me or look further in to my problem. I’m attaching some pictures of my “scabs” as well.

Mine is like this but with blood also and it is all the time 24-24 can not sleep, I'm getting to where I hack so hard to try and get it out that I pull muscles in my chest and stomach. It is a nightmare. I go to the U of M Fairveiw they give me omeprazole 40 mg does nothing and nebulizers. They just do not seem like they want to do enough testing to find out, it seems like they are so busy they just what to get in in and out come back we will check in a month or so. Why I'm dying.

@klpdx, @reebobbin I have the exact same picture. Thumbnail sized “Scab”, slightly cupped form, with mucus.

I was coughing one up about every 3 weeks. Since having surgery last June to correct a deviated septum, I have great air flow, but am now consistently coughing up one of these scabs every 3 days.

Post surgery I brought this condition to my ENT/Surgeon, which he scoped me and can see the “Crusting”; He reviewed the MRI that I had prior to surgery – No evidence of any abnormality. November he ordered a CT Scan – No evidence of an abnormality/cancer. January he biopsied the nasopharynx where the scab grows – No evidence of cancer… but no conclusion either. I suggested a problem with the adenoids, but he doesn’t think so.

He suggested coming back in 3 months and see if the condition still exists. I’ll be going back late in March … looking forward to hearing if you have any further updates. I plan to share this information with him when I see him next month.

Wow! Me too! I'm sooo glad I found this post. It looks exactly like what I hawk up. I hadn't thought to take a pic until now. Thank you for posting!

Hey! Did any of you find a "treatment" for these scabs? I have them too, seems no ENT can figure out why…

Sorry for gross pic as well. But so glad you posted. I have exact same thing, since I was 25, now 47. No dr will bother to acknowledge the issue. I used to get it about once a week but the last year has it happening every other day. So frustrating to have. Just as you described, comes from nasal into back of throat, it gets sort of caught in between then you have to cough, sometimes violently, to hack it out. Have you had any more help with it at all? Any luck getting more answers? Thanks again so much for posting! I've been looking for years for anyone who had this issue, Dr's all think im crazy , even when I showed pictures they just say it's snot. It is not normal snot, that's for sure!

Im doing the same thing, and looks just lke that. Going to talk to my doctor asap.

@klpdx thanks for posting these. They look exactly like what I have had going on for probably 10 years. I actually just went about 3-4 years without having them much at all and after a sinus infection started a few weeks ago I have them weekly or more again. Mine look like yours and often are sortof bloody looking. This is the first thread I’ve EVER found that someone else has had the same thing!

How did it go? Were you able to make the appointment/get the procedure done?