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I have the same problem but my is every 5 to 10 min. It seems like I have a flap at my adamapple that when I breath it closes and I can not kick anything out. It is like everything runs down into throat and gets caught there. I can not eat everything gets stuck there it is a nightmare hard to breath nose,thoat is plugged and doctors can not find anything I will kick some out if I can for them and they no nothing. It is like I can not go or do anything. Need help.

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@fcleaner1 @beebuzz @needtoknow Hey guys, pardon the totally gross pictures, but I thought it might be helpful to make sure everyone has the same issue in mind. The photo is of the afore mention snot crusts. I’ve been definitively diagnosed with chronic adenoiditis, and will soon be having them removed. Currently, I have to clear one of these bad boys out more or less daily, and at times, it can be annoyingly difficult, painful, and embarrassing to try and “cough it up.” Basically, you sound like you’re trying to (pardon me) “hawk up” a stubborn loogie (sp?). I encourage anyone with similar symptoms to gather the evidence: save/document a series of crusts (to show your provider), study nasal anatomy/read about chronic adenoiditis, and perhaps most important: find an ENT who listens to you, and agrees to perform an internal laryngopharyngeal exam with a flexible fiber scope.