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@needtoknow Thank you for your kind reply to my nose problem. I used an holistic product called cleavers. These drops I used topically inside my nose onto the cartilage where the first scab appeared. The scab had formed and then came out of the nose when I cleansed the area. The bleeding was bright red and several dabbings stopped the bleed. Then the cycle commenced again. After I used the Cleavers a few times the scab formed thin crust and now inside my nose there is a more extensive light crust. When I cleanse the nostril there is the same bleeding, but the area where the large scab formed seems not to be boring into the cartilage as it was before. I found a fellow by Googling before I found the Mayo discussion site. This fellow described the identical problem I have stressing his was not cancer (verified.) I spoke with my doctor yesterday briefly about this condition and said I had had an operation for BBC six years ago on the outside nostril of my nostril on the other side. There was a small thing on my nose for years and it was very tiny. As I say it looked like a tiny scratch. It tuned out to be BBC and I went to Dartmouth Hitchcock to have it removed. The specialist said it was very deep and it amazed me to see how deep it had been. No recurrence T.G.
Yesterday my doctor said in closing, “Basal Cell is never going to kill you!”
I am not ready to go to a specialist about this and have them doing tests and start taking my nose apart. I am a healthy, active 90 years old and I have had all the surgeries, tests, probing, etc. for my life time that I intend to ever have.
I feel this thing is staph as the other fellow on Google described. I learned that “bugs” like the staph love the inside of the nose to set up housekeeping and I have always been plagued with cold sores (Herpes Simplex) inside my nostrils. There are loads of blood vessels inside the nose. Hence the bleeding.I also have a deviated septum which I think contributes to my nose afflictions. Thank you dear for replying to my inquiry. Be well.
P.S. I also used Tea Tree Esssential Oil on the site and it dries the area. I think perhaps I have to use the Cleavers more often for awhile. Blessings

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Well, I spoke too soon about the scab inside my nose getting better. It has started up again to my dismay. I cannot figure out why it happens at the same place in my nose all the time. I will continue to search for answers as it is very discouraging that no one can figure out why this happens. I will read about staph and see if it leads me in the right direction. Stay well and thanks for your comments.

What is Cleavers? I constantly have sinus problems. Can't breathe. I have a "severely deviated septum. I had a cat scan on my head at the dentist's. He told me my sinus was really a mess. Yes, I know. I went to an ENT in Columbus, Ohio. He wants to operate on the septum. I have allergies and I use Afrin spray and have been told not to use it by different doctors. It is the only one that really works. I am sick most of the time -get very little sleep. Have sleep apnea, nose swells shut at night. Ears have been swelling. Can hardly get my hearing aids into my ears. My mouth is so dry, if I do get to sleep, that wakes me up. I used Biotene for dry mouth then read it contains parabens which is cancer causing in make up. I really helps–is it cancer causing? Anyone know? I have been up all night. Got one hour sleep. Very tired. Need back surgery–it is hurting. The pain radiates to my foot at times. What a mess I am. I am blessed because I do get up each day and can get out of bed and get dressed and do some cleaning–can't visit anyone. I really miss seeing my grandchildren. Yesterday one of them had a birthday. He was going to have a party but of course that didn't happen.
Take care, stay safe, this, too, shall pass. God bless.

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