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have had a scab in my left nostril that bleeds when I clear it from my nose for a number of years. I have had difficulty with my whole sinus down into my throat. The scab bleeds after it comes out of my nose. Sounds gross but I have heard of numbers of people having the same thing. I think it is a staph infection, some form of cold sore related (herpes simplex.) I have always had cold sores every so often in or around my nose, never on the lips. I have read by Googling the subject that these kind of staph infections love the nose since it is a good spot to set up an infection like this. I think mine also is connected to the sinuses. Mine has smaller scabs now. I put Cleavers on a small cotton pad and put it inside the nose on the cartilage where the scab started. It dried up and got smaller but the thing is still there. Maybe it is not the same as yours but the scab and blood in the mucus sounds a tad like my problem. Thanks or anything that we can hear about other cases like this.

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Do not know why but mine has gotten better. I still feel as though one tries to form but I now can hack up the piece of mucous before it gets really bad. My doctor put me on Singular to take every day so that may be what has helped. I will let you know how it goes.

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