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Starting Evenity
Any suggestions for how best to prepare or tips for what to do after the treatment? Looking to maximize effectiveness and minimize discomfort and side effects. Thanks in advance.

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I will be going for my second round in the middle of the month. I plan to wash both arms immediately after the injections, ice the sites when I get home. I got a little bit of swelling some itchiness and soreness with the first round. Cortizone cream took care of the slight rash. All of this went away in 3 days. My back was pretty sore after about day 3 so now I plan to take Tylenol around the clock if I get any soreness. I walked and stretched as usual and never limited my usual activity the entire time. I never had any trouble sleeping. I will be curious to see how round two goes and will post an update. Best advice: don't look for side effects. You may not have any. Hope that is true for you!

I try to meditate before the treatment and after. I usually am tired and feel a little foggy the day I get the injection. So keep that in mind. I do get a slight headache for a few days and some discomfort at the injection sites. The last time I got my injections ( 2 weeks ago) I actually had a massage right before and I had the least side effects, not sure if that was just a coincidence. Good luck to you. This is a great site for all of us to share the good and bad.