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Anyone with Bipolar spectrum disorders?

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Also my main issue is I am 55 myself and have bipolar and I also have severe tinnitus, medication that effects or lifts serotonin makes tinnitus in my left ear scream so loud that I can’t stand it. My bipolar is out of control with rapid mood swings and suicidal thoughts but I can’t find a mood stabiliser that doesn’t effect me. I am going to try volporate it is my last chance. You have no idea how frustrating it is to know there are medications out there but it’s impossible to take them.
I have also totally withdrawn from society, I once had a huge group of friends but anhedonia has sucked all life from me I feel nothing any more.

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@peterears Hello. I am 53 years old with bipolar. I know how frustrating it can be to find the right type of medication that doesn't exacerbate other health conditions. Although I don't have tinnitus, I have taken medications with other side effects such as weight gain. I also know how it feels to want to withdraw from others. Living with bipolar can be very isolating because it is not something that other people can relate to or understand. I hope that the valproate works well for you. Finding the right medication is important and can make all the difference.