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Anyone with Bipolar spectrum disorders?

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I apologise if this isn't the right place for a new post,
I was diagnosed with Bipolar 2 more than 20 years ago. I also have ASD and cPTSD.
My new(ish) psychiatrist is really questioning my Bipolar diagnosis, mainly because she says that hypomania must involve uncharacteristic, poor choices eg going and having a one night stand (I'm married) or spending $5000 on clothes in one go etc.
I am an introvert and a very self-controlled (too much so) person.
I've certainly had VERY strong desires to have sex with other people when elevated which I've avoided, but it took huge amounts of energy and lots of talking things through with friends and psychologists. Also, when I was young and high, I did do some very inadvisable things but I have learnt about myself. I'm 50.
I also have ME/CFS so my energy is very limited. It sort of all happens on the inside.
So I guess I'm saying I disagree with my psych.
Any Thoughts? Thanks, Zel.

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Hello @zeldazonk and welcome to Mayo Connect. You sound like you have gained a lot of insight over the years.

It is important to advocate for yourself and it is OK to question a doctor's diagnosis (either for physical or mental disorders). Have you considered getting a second opinion from another psychiatrist?

You sound Bipolar to me based on what you shared. But, I am a not a doctor!

Welcome to Mayo Clinic Connections. I have had bipolar disorder for 40 years. Was only diagnosed in 2002. Started on Abilify..a miracle drug for me!
You will find many friends and supporters here!! Wise information and caring new friends!
Hope this helps, Pat!