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@darwin66, I noticed that you also posted about a medical report concerning lung nodules in the Lung Health support group https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/is-a-spiculated-lung-nodule-always-malignant/

It sounds like you are concerned about your health and getting things investigated as you should. As you may have gathered, Mayo Clinic Connect is a support network of patients where we share experiences and give and get support and information. As fellow patients, we're not equipped to interpret medical reports. Only a qualified health professional who also knows your medical history can interpret these results.

Have you had a chance in the meantime to discuss the results of your thyroid testing and pulmonary testing with your doctor? What did you learn?

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In two weeks, I have a biopsy scheduled for the thyroid nodule, so we will see how that goes…

I am more concerned about the Spiculated lung nodule. Unfortunately, the doctor has only ordered a follow-up scan which will be in two months. Since Spiculated lung nodules are highly suspicious of lung cancer with some studies suggesting that it predicts malignancy up to 90% of the time, I’m not so comfortable with this watch and wait approach.
After some research in different groups , I found many cases where people also had such small nodules that were monitored, but while waiting, the nodules grew and spread, leading to a later diagnosis with worse outcomes. Unfortunately, even small nodules as tiny as 5mm have the potential to spread, as I have seen in several cases. Therefore, I believe when there is clear evidence like Spiculation, action should be taken rather than a watch and wait approach.
Since the size of my nodule makes biopsy and PET scan not feasable , I believe the doctor may not have any other options to offer me. I am currently considering to maybe insisting on surgery.
I have a call with my doctor planned for next week and I will discuss my concerns and thoughts