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First of all- How did The Murph go this past weekend?!
Second – thank you for the great reply. I have been so afraid of breaking – since I had to do a redo – and after getting to read all of the messages here, life got in the way to reply (buy also I had a great week where I could address my last surgery in multiple ways. )
The pacemaker people told me NoWatch. My cardiologist kind of laughed at that. So I tried it once to see where my heart rate was during lifting – and freely left it at home after seeing it for that day.
I am in a much better place and I value your words and the time you took to write!
Thank you,

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Hi Ann, all good thoughts and good to hear.
Thx for re-catching up wit me too 🙂
Well, "the Murph" was successful, I was able to complete it in 62:26 (11:23 1st mile / 38 minutes to do the partitioned pull-ups, pushups & squats, and 12:20 n the 2nd mile. I did not wear a vest but did complete it and felt pretty good about it being 14 months past open heart surgery and being 57 y.o.
A friend of mine much younger was about 5.5 minutes slower than me but had a vest so we'll call our competition even 🙂
No watch eh? Hmmmm thats interesting. I love my Apple Watch and use it to really keep me up to speed on health as well as so many other function every day. Watches may affect pacemakers somehow, I don't know.
I have an uncle having open-heart surgery Thursday, will be praying all goes well with him. He's large and older than me.
Keep in touch and stay strong!


Oh, I forgot the weight thing:
I weigh every.day! Today I was 174.6; my average this month is 174.1