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Overnight Sleep Study Questions

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…just wondering, as I did after my test: because we are in a different bed, strange room, wires all over us.. is this a true "picture" or accurate results that end up with our getting medication and a breathing machine? daughter's watch has a setting measures sleep movements etc., would this be useful?

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Yes because when you sleep, you sleep, no matter where you are. I had the best nights sleep in 6 months when I had my test, even though I woke couple times to adjust headgear. The night I did without it, the first night, I had 31 episodes of apnea but don't remember waking during the night. In fact, the second time, I woke up at 4 and she went ahead a disconnected everything and I went home.

I also slept very well the night of my sleep study, probably because me Dr told me to increase my Trazodone and I was so tired after getting hooked up to everything. Then I wore an actigraphy watch for 3 weeks. Although I slept poorly and tossed and turned every night, the sleep Dr said the watch showed I was sleeping "more than I thought I was". Well, I know when I'm not sleeping when I'm looking at the clock every hour and am still awake! I didn't have restless legs or sleep apnea, so didn't get any benefit from the sleep study.