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54 is young for joining the club, so I'm thinking positive thoughts for your long-term good health. An important part of your self-education journey (which needs to occur continuously) is to make sure that any information about life expectancy is always reviewed in context to the age (median, average), the definition of metastatic spread, and the overall health of the participants. Rarely do I find all that information available.

I'm 52 and had my prostate removed at 42, and things were fine until last summer when my PSA skyrocketed and now I'm on Eligard/Zytiga for the past six months and my PSA is at undetectable levels. My metastatic spread is limited to 10+ lymph nodes in my iliac region, and while that isn't something that brings joy, it is very different then having it spread into the bones or organs. I also have a small lesion on my liver but the PSMAPET showed no uptake, so we discounted it. My oncologist doesn't give any guidance beyond 10 years but he puts me in the category of 10+ years.

Do you research and you will be informed, confident, and able to live a positive long life.

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I was diagnosed with stage 4 bone metastatic prostate cancer over 21 years ago. I started Lupron soon thereafter. I had hot flashes for about 5 years and then they began to dissipate. I completely lost my sex drive almost 1 year after diagnosis. My wife has been the one to suffer this loss. Hormone deprivation therapy makes you stop thinking about sex, and any attempt to engage is met with disinterest. Thankfully, my wife has stayed with me. There is far more to a relationship than sex.
My PSA is about.04 and holding. I have lost a great deal of muscle mass because I have over done a handful of exhausting projects over the years. But I continue to exercise; although, at low resistance levels. I believe that exercise is keeping me alive. Life is good and I’m not close to checking out!