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Oh my gosh. We should form a club!
My family and friends are sick of my litany of aches, pains, oh nos, what is that, and I don’t feel good…

I take SSRIs for depression and pain from fibromyalgia and arthritis.

Now it’s a new thing. I am going for a sleep study on June 13. I’m have some really weird symptoms and they want to rule out narcolepsy.
Narcolepsy is normally diagnosed when someone is a teenager. I’m 73 so who knows…it’s a brain issue so maybe the medications I have been taking for years has caused it.

I’m thinking that my bugs are nerves. I have occipital neuralgia which means that the nerves under my scalp are inflamed. That happened when my neck and skull were not aligned correctly because I bought the wrong size pillow for myself.

It’s always something!

Thanks for sharing

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I have had very intermittent, like 4-5 times in the past 5 1/2 years of burning scalp, like a bad sunburn and it can come down to my forehead and effect my eyes and cause my eyes to burn. It is awful when it happens, its worse than it sounds. No one has named it anything but occipital neuralgia seems like it would cover it. I had a cervical fushion at 5-6, 7 months ago. The last time I felt it was November and December of 2021. I find it interesting that you mentioned your neck and skull were not aligned correctly. I lost my lordotic curve and now aligned. I hope that was the cause. Thanks for sharing.