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Does Tacrolimus cause bladder cancer

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@codered032 & @colleenyoung I decided to chime in here regarding Tacrolimus. I’ve been on Tacrolimus for nearly 18 years after a pancreas transplant. I am not good at finding & providing informative links like Colleen but I do remember coming across two conflicting bits of information regarding Tacrolimus and its effects on kidneys. 1 is that it can lead to adverse effects on the kidneys. This I know to be true. There is a fancy name for it that I’ve forgotten. But I have biopsy confirmation of this diagnosis. The other is that there is some sort of benefit to the kidneys from Tacrolimus. I don’t know of any connection between Tacrolimus and proteinuria. I have proteinuria and have always been prone to kidney infections and UTI’s. Come to think of it these have actually been less in the past 18 years but I might just be more sensitive to taking care of myself post transplant.

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Thank you for the information. I’ve been taking Tacrolimus for over 2 years for the treatment of MCD, increase proteinuria. It was successful with keeping me in remission, however I have been having frequent UTI’s. My last lab results indicated an “abnormal bacterial infection” oddly my nephrologist has not indicated any additional treatment. I currently have no other chronic conditions.