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I appreciate so many replies! Thank you! I did see a new EP yesterday. Super nice guy and sympathetic. They ran another EKG and did listened to my heart. He did see the PACs and heard them as well. Basically he told me that if they did a EKG in every employee in the hospital, most of would have them. I am one of the rare people in the population that feels everyone. He did prescribe a low dose of Propanolol to try. This takes about two weeks to work so we shall see what happens. However, he did state again that my heart is fine and that I am in good health. He also told me to keep exercising and eating healthy. Finally, he encourage me to work on anxiety as this will keep the PVCs and PACs coming and going. I will start to work on that. I have asked about magnesium and potassium and may or may not work. Every person is different. My mag and potass levels are good as take a supplement every day and I eat lots of veggies. Right now, I simply feel sad and scared over these constant palps during the day and I am trying to ignore them and feel happy again. Just difficult.
Thank you!

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Yes it is very difficult. When they happen you can think of nothing else. But if you Dr's say there is nothing wrong with your heart & they are not worried, that is huge consolation. How about trying some yoga, meditation etc. Can be of huge benefit.